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These two amazing drams offer a range of aromas from soot to citrus, cherries and marmalade. With a slightly oil texture most peaty whiskies must have a balancing sweet spot and this month with the weather just starting to cool down we thought these two drams would be a great start to the cold season. Located behind a church, up a narrow and winding road is the Springbank Distillery. 

An amazing Campbeltown distillery which is known for its self sufficiency.  Malting, distillation and maturing and bottling all taking place at the Springbank location, the only Scottish Distillery to have everything under one roof.  Springbank Distillery was officially established in 1828 on the previous illicit site of Archibald Mitchell, great-great grandfather of the present Chairman, Mr. Hedley Wright. it's a balance between retaining the old ways while looking forward to the future that intrigues most about this distillery. 

Whilst bourbon casks are mainly used for maturation of Springbank malts, allowing the distillery character to shine through, a number of sherry casks are also used for added body. Complexity is the key word.Springbank 15 Years Old Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky -  Like a storm gathering off the Kintyre coast, dark and ominous, yet tastes so good. The richness comes from the high percentage of sherry casks used in maturation. 

This is a truly classic Springbank, best enjoyed after dinner, or with your favourite cigar. 100% Sherry cask.Our second dram comes from the Scottish Islay region. A 'mystery release' distilled in 2007 and matured in a refill hogshead then finished in a Bordeaux red wine cask. Bottled at cask strength and only 326 bottles worldwide, North Star say to expect notes of "sweet soot and ash, smoked cherries and marmalade, as well as sweet citrus and the reek of peat on the finish. 

NORTH STAR Islay, Scotland Single Malt Whisky

Islay 2007 Aged 10 Years Single Malt Scotch Whisky – North Star

ABV 57.6%

RRP $199.00

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SPRINGBANK DISTILLERY  Campbeltown, Single Malt Whisky

Springbank 15 Years Old Campbeltown Single Malt Scotch Whisky (700ml)

ABV 46%

RRP $145.00

#Aged15Years #Campbeltown #SherryCask #Springbank

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