Monthly Dram

Your Monthly Dram Drop Starts here



You are not far away from receiving your very first monthly dram drop. Setting up your account is really quite straight forward. 

You would have received the instructions in your voucher pack however to make things that little easier we have a step by step guide ready to go. 

Step 1 - Value

Your Gift Voucher has a value attached to it. The unique code noted on your gift voucher is linked to that amount. Our gift vouchers are only available in three amounts:

1. 3 Months Gift Voucher = $108.30 

2. 6 Months Gift Voucher = $212.04

3. 12 Months Gift Voucher = $410.40

This is important to note so that you can select the correct subscription when setting up your account. 

Step 2 - Choosing your subscription

As the voucher was gifted to you, we dont have you setup in our system just yet which means no whisky until we know more about you. To do this we will need you to select your whisky subscription, add it to the cart and register an account. 

* Now that you know the value of your voucher you can visit the pre-paid options page and select the correct monthly subscription. 

(For example; If your voucher is valued for a 3 month subscription, SELECT the "Go 3 Months" Subscription Button)

* Once you have identified the correct subscription (The Value on the Gift Voucher), add the item to your cart.

Step 3 - Following The Process

Great, you are almost there. Now we need to set you up in our system. To do this we need to follow the process. Don't worry it's quick and takes less than two minutes to complete.

*Now that your subscription is in your cart, you will need to begin the checkout process. 

* Next Step is to click on the CHECKOUT button. 

Step 4 - Use your Gift Voucher Code

During the Checkout page you will have the option in the first two boxes to create an account or if you already have one with us, you can sign in. You can register for an account without having to leave and go to a seperate page. An account is important, without it you wont be able access your subscription portal. 

Once you have completed the necessary "customer information" - (That's Your Information) You will be able to use your Gift Voucher Code. 

Insert your unique Gift Voucher Code As it appears on your Gift Voucher.

Click OK and the value attached to your Gift Voucher will be applied to your order. 

If the value does not match the order you may have selected the incorrect matching subscription.

The Gift Voucher must be used on an equal or greater valued subscription which means if you wish to purchase a higher valued subscription you can use the voucher discount and pay the difference. 

Step 5 - Confirm The Voucher Is Activated and Place your order!

If the discount has been applied to your order you are good to go.  Complete your order by clicking the Place my order button. 


Need assitance in setting up your subscription, please send us a note and we will do our best to assist.